Brandon "Juse One" Lewis (b.1982) is an international graffiti artist born in New York, USA and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Beginning in the late 1990's, Brandon began painting graffiti in his hometown of Kingston, NY as a member of local graffiti crew, KS. He later became a member of Rochester based FUA Krew, an east coast graffiti powerhouse crew that has been active for 25 years. After graduating from high school, Juse attended Hunter College in New York City, graduating with a BA in Media. He is currently completing an MA in media at the University of Copenhagen.

A veteran graffiti artist whose work has touched down on 5 continents over the last 17 years, Juse is a versatile painter and a perennial standout, both locally an internationally.  With competencies ranging from wildstyle and traditional graffiti letters to 3d, calligraphy, as well as portraits, character illustration, and photorealism, his highly adaptable skillset has yielded an impressive body of work in urban contemporary art.  Juse has a multi-faceted portfolio of both commercial and non-profit projects, private commisions and public works.


Works for sale on Juse One's webshop are all original pieces, limited edition prints or limited hand-crafted merchandise.

Featured Works: FUTURA Collection

Juse One is currently working on a series of typographical stencil and print works based the on the classic font, Futura.  The collection is an exploration of the font and its geometric properties blended with techniques and aesthetics from urban art.  Focusing on positive messages and interacting with memory and space, places and people, the FUTURA Collection is an ongoing body of work that will develop much further in the coming year.

Questions and Contact:

  Questions regarding the works should be sent directly to the artist via email at . Thanks for stopping by!